How to save money on Hoof Knife cost

Any craftsman who works with tools such as hoof knives has a fine appreciation for the tools that he or she works with. It has been said that a craftsman is only as good as his tools.

If the former is true, then it must follow that better tools equal better work and therefore more profit and if this is also true then it is worthwhile to build a better hoof knife.

A properly designed hoof knife will save you in several ways:
  1. If it cuts better it will save you time directly. Time equals money.
  2. If it cuts better it will save your arm, again saving you time and allowing you to work longer and faster without fatiguing.
  3. If it stays sharp longer it will increase the first two benefits and it will result in stopping less often to re-sharpen the hoof knife, another time savings.
  4. Just making a harder blade for your hoof knife will give you a blade that stays sharp longer, but if you ever break a blade it could prove to be costly if you or the horse gets injured in the process. That's why we differentially heat treated the blade. It has a tough back or spine to lessen the chance of snapping the blade under load.
  5. You can replace the blade and save on cost for a whole knife.

The L&L hoof knife is priced about the same as any other quality hand made hoof knife. You will find many different types of steel used in these knives and they do have their merits.

We chose our steel because it fit all of the requirements that we wanted in a hoof knife.

We don't know how many hoof knives that you use per year because circumstances can vary but lets say that you use a high end hoof knife. It cost you $75.00 and you use say three per year or 3 X $75.00 = $225.00 per year.

Now lets say you Pay $95.00 for the Double L Hoof Knife + (2 X $17.50)for the blades = $130.00 per year. That's close to half for the first year alone, saving you $95.00 or enough money to buy another Double L hoof knife.

The following year, you will pay 3 X $17.50 = $52.50 total for the year and save $172.50. That's enough to purchase 2 more Double L hoof knives plus a spare blade and postage.

Another way to save money is to maintain a good edge on your hoof knife. If what we said at the beginning of this page is true, then it will make good sense to keep the knife as sharp as possible. It is also a good idea to have more than one knife on hand so that you won't have to stop in the middle of things to restore an edge ruined by cutting into a rock or whatever. Please check out the page on Sharpening the Hoof Knife.

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