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Everyone knows that the Japanese sword had superior cutting ability and could stand the test of battle.

Farrier supplies, The Double L Hoof Knife and replaceable blades
Why wouldn't the same technology and techniques, make a superior hoof knife?

Well sure enough, it works and it is the most logical way to build professional hoof knives.

Hoof Knife business for sale

The Double L Hoofknife Company has been forced to relocate and is not manufacturing hoof knives at this time.

This hoof knife was and is the standard for high quality knife that has served the farrier industry for some time and had a very loyal following as a result.

At this time I will consider selling the business and will train your staff to meet the same specs that I demanded. If interested please call 425 478-6809 or Contact me bronks@bronksknifeworks.com

When it comes to farrier supplies, hoof knives are at least as important as any other farrier tool or horse shoeing product.

This website is dedicated to the education of the professional farrier so that he will come to understand and truly appreciate the qualities of a superior hoof knife and to know how to sharpen it with ease.

So in your search for quality farrier supplies, I urge you to ask your local dealer for the Double L Hoof Knife or contact Delta Mustad Horseshoe Company for information about dealers that carry Double L Hoof Knives.


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